You know, some people call themselves journalists of people; their only purpose in this life is to deliver the truth. They want people to be aware of what is going on where powerful is hiding it. It sounds like a good ideal. Take a bow!

When I check what some of them are writing or posting on social media is just a bunch of crap and some conspiracy theories that sound like:

  1. Pouring gasoline on the fire, which is putting fear into people’s hearth consciously or unconsciously.
  2. Creating a straw man plus stoning it until it turns into a mob lynching, especially on social media.

Fear was always a useful tool to manipulate people and was used for centuries to control societies. I know that you know that everybody knows that. The ones that create fear on social media or in the newspapers or on TV channels are either serving for the power to help it to control the society or unconsciously serving to same where they present themselves the opposite. You can say idiocy, stupidity, foolishness. All mean the same, and it doesn’t change the outcome.

The ones that create a straw man and start stoning it then turn this lone stoning into a mob lynch are like a digital poison that slowly kills you. Their straw man is based on an emotional charge which doesn’t matter for them if it based on any fact or not. Then, they connect this to the feelings that gathers everyone around it. E.g., the horrification and despair caused by an earthquake; Istanbul.

I am really sorry for the people living in Istanbul. As a human being born, raised and spent 29 years in Bolu who experienced the 1999 earthquakes, I feel you. I know it is horrifying. The panic, the fear, the despair, the chaos. You have all of these at the same time, and it is impossible to forget it.

After the 5.8Mw earthquake in Istanbul on the 26th of October 2019, some people started a conversation about the US and Israel is trying to destroy the Turkish economy through an artificial earthquake by HAARP. Here is the emotional charge; people are horrified and in despair. Here is the straw man; an artificial earthquake machine called HAARP controlled by the US and Israel. Here is the connection; the US and Israel want to destroy the Turkish economy and to do that, they have to create an artificial earthquake in the heart of the Turkish economy, Istanbul.

Fear turns into anger, anger turns into hate, hate creates mob lynch, and it is not hard to imagine the rest. Particularly in the HAARP and Istanbul earthquake example, what really scary is how bigotry and racism quickly awaken in the people who were part of it. And these fed through the emotional charge and the straw man. Presumably, 90% of these people don’t even know what HAARP is, and yet this didn’t stop them from lynching. But what HAARP really is?

HAARP was a scientific research program designed to study the ionosphere of the Earth and its effects on communication. The conspiracy theories about HAARP started at Art Bell’s radio program called Coast to Coast AM. In 1996, a US representative’s son Dr. Nick Begich appeared in Bell’s radio program for the first time and spoke about the weather control abilities of HAARP. Bell turned this crap into profit, Begich’s conspiracy theory similarly attracted people and built a career for him.

As a grand finale, let’s answer some critical questions. Can a 3,6 million watt shortwave radio transmitter creates an earthquake? Simply no! Can it control the weather? No! Can it control minds? No! Can it become a straw man and generate a mob lynching through an emotional charge that awakens bigotry and racism, apparently yes. And this is what HAARP -and anything- primarily can do in the manipulator’s hand. That’s it.