I was running to my house again. Zombies were so close to catching me, and I was able to enter my home; however, I was not able to close the door. I was climbing the stairs and found my self on the last floor while zombies were behind me. Someone dropped a ladder down from the rooftop, and I rose it quickly. Then, the same person pulled up the ladder. I saw my parents, and they were excellent. I was looking from the window of the rooftop, and a motorcycle group with black helmets and black jackets started to shoot the zombies. Afterward, big dipper dredgers crushed all the remaining zombies. However, one person in the motorcycle group killed by a zombie. Everyone in the apartment went outside, cheering. I saw two groups of people closing both sides of the street with a high iron fence. I walked towards the motorcycle guy who killed by a zombie. He suddenly grabbed my foot and took off his helmet. He was also a zombie. I was shocked! He said, “Do you really think the government would use humans for its dirty jobs?” I grew stupid. Then, I saw two big black dogs in front of the fence. A gap in the wall took my attention. I was mumbling, “I hope zombies won’t realize this gap.” Suddenly, zombies forced the hole to enter, and then it got broke. Everyone on the street became a meal for zombies. I ran to the apartment again with my family.