I was a soldier. My country was in war with Russia. I was in a military zone, and Scottish troops arrived by train. They had axes, crossbows, swords, spears, and a beautiful ginger woman was commanding them. “We came to help you!” she said. I created a fireball in my left hand and said, “Your swords cannot compete with this!” and threw the fireball to the sky. She was sad. A man came next to me and took me to the military hospital. He showed all the wounded soldiers and told: “Don’t use your hands, use your head!” I relaxed after hearing it and then returned to the military zone. 5 soldiers, including me, were wearing tuxedos. The same man came to us and said: “Don’t forget, you are in an undercover mission!” I said goodbye to the ginger Scottish woman. I walked a little bit and turned back to her and kissed her. She took out her butterfly-shaped hairgrip and gave it to me. Then she said, “I will wait for you forever!”