The Heaviest Matter

1 minute read

Why is speaking the truth so heavy? I am asking this question to myself from time to time. Ideally, truth should be plain, simple and liberating. But before it liberates you, it makes you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world.

Is the weight coming from the truth itself or is it something that we created in order to hold on to something else?

I don’t have a plain, simple and liberating answer for this, yet. But here are my two cents.

Turth is heavy because it slaps your ego in the face. And it slaps it really hard. When your ego is hurt, it will make you avoid what is going to hurt it. Therefore, avoidance of being hurt could be making it heavier than how actually it is.

When your ego gets slapped hard in the face by speaking the truth, don’t fall into its tricks in the future. Life is not what your ego is telling you.

Without your ego, life is plain, simple, and liberating.